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The PCR or thermocycler instrument is a vital part in cloning and DNA amplification.
Thanks to its versatile thermoblock the PCR can also be used for various, precise, heating and cooling actions.

Our Model

Our model is a Tetrad PTC-225 Thermal Cycler.
This model has the great advantage of operating independently 4 blocks ( "Alpha unit" ) simultaneously.
The blocks can be changed for a 96 or 384 well format and are easy to swap.

Thermocycler overview
Power Unit


A) 384 well block
B) 96 well block
C) Block Status Display (Will tell you which unit is in operation, hot or dysfunctional)
D) Display (you can read and program the PCR here)
E) Keyboard (Every input can be made from here)
F) "power" button ... This one does not work but we figured out something ;-)
G) Power switch (the real power button)
H) Power unit status LED

How to operate

1) Plug the power unit, control that each block is correctly into place.

Do not modify the connections between the PCR and the power unit. Only one cable should be plugged.

2) Push the power switch in. The device should turn on and self-testing should initiate. (Heavy ventilation, indications on display) Wait until the test is complete. In case of errors check the manual for troubleshooting.
3) Place your samples in the unit of your choice. Make sure the lid fit tightly on the caps (see Demo video)
4) You can now either RUN, EDIT or make a NEW protocol.
4.1) RUN a protocol: Both the underscore "_" and CAPITAL letters indicate the active command. Move the "_" on RUN using Select buttons. Push Proceed button. A standard PCR is on Yann_STD protocol. Push Proceed button. The next screen just confirms that you will run the Yann_STD protocol on block 1. Push Proceed button. Use heated lid? Say _YES. The heated lid prevents evaporation of the liquid sample.

Protocol RUN.png