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Welcome to the Hackuarium community's wiki.

Cliquez ici pour accéder à la version française.

As you might notice quickly, it is a work-in-progress. This page was launched during our 1st Ever Hackuarium Wiki Sprint that took place on 7 December 2014.


What is DIY Bio?

DIY biology (Do-It-Yourself biology) is a movement that wants to free the practice of biological research and innovation from the institutional and industrial laboratories. Pursued both by amateur and professional biologists, DIY biology is developing low-cost and low-tech solutions to problems identified by the community.

The movement is characterised by an extremely diverse set of practices and participants. Some call themselves 'biohackers', in reference to the hacker culture.

DIYbio.org and DIYbio.eu are the portals of the international and european communities, respectively.

For more information, visit the Wikipedia page dedicated to DIYbio.

Hackuarium Association

The Community at Large


Upcoming Events

  • Every Wednesday, 19:00-21:00 #OpenHackuarium
  • Past Events

  • 2014.12.07, 14:00-21:00 1st Ever Hackuarium Wiki Sprint
  • 2014.11.27, 18:15-20:00 Roundtable at EPFL organised by BNSL
  • 2014.11.05, 18:00-20:00 NexTrends Bioart conference at UniverCité
  • 2014.10.09, 19:00-21:00 Presentation by French artist Lia Giraud
  • 2014.09.25-27 Design Days 2014
  • 2014.06.06-07 Water Hackathon organised by Hackteria]
  • Partnerships

  • 2014.11.27, W.I.R.E.
  • 2014.12.07 Musée de la Main, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • 25 septembre 2014 – 22 février 2015


    Here, you will find the projects going on in the Hackuarium.

    Active Projects

    Archived Projects


    Here, you will find our tried and true working protocols, as well as how to edit the wiki, etc.
    We welcome your contributions!


    Renens is a hopping hub - and our members reflect the diversity that is in and around Lausanne/Renens.
    Check us out, and find out what makes Hackuarium a good mix.


    Hackuarium operates on a membership basis at this current time.

    Friends of Hackuarium

  • @univercité by Republic of Innovation
  • External

  • Environment

    Hackuarium is situated in the IRL building in Renens. We have documented our working environment as it has evolved.
    We have a BIOLAB, a DIRTYLAB, and co-working space.

    Tools and Equipment

  • Working Equipment
  • Equipment needing fixing
  • Where we shop

  • Library and Reading List

    Media and Press

    • Newsletter


    Do you want to contribute to making Hackuarium a diverse and lively community? Check out our wanted lists:

  • Skills
  • Ideas
  • Equipment
  • Materials