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==Closing remarks==
==Closing remarks==
Rachel (2 min) & President 2019 ''et nouveau président'' (3min)<br>
Rachel (2 min) & President 2019 ''et nouveau président'' (3 min)<br>
'''''Les plus actifs les membres peuvent devenir, le meilleur pour nous tous! <br>  
'''''Les plus actifs les membres peuvent devenir, le meilleur pour nous tous! <br>  
'''''Nous sommes impatients de co-créer ce nouvel espace ensemble!''''' <br>  
'''''Nous sommes impatients de co-créer ce nouvel espace ensemble!''''' <br>  
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''We look forward to co-creating this new space together!'' <br>
''We look forward to co-creating this new space together!'' <br>
''Thank you!''
''Thank you!''
President 2019 ''et nouveau président''-> (3 min)

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Agenda of the General Assembly

Date: Mercredi 27 février 2019, 19h30-21h30
Date: Wednesday, February 27 2019, 19.30-21.30

Lieu/Place: Route de Crochy 20, 1024 Ecublens

Pour rappel, les status de l'association Hackuarium sont disponibles ici.
As a reminder, the status of the Hackuarium association can be found here (in French only).

Note: Cette assemblée générale sera tenue principalement en français si la majorité des membres présents n'y voit pas d'inconvénient. Tout membre est libre de parler dans sa langue de prédilection, sachant que la majorité parle français et anglais. La documentation ci-dessous est en anglais pour permettre aux participants qui ne parleraient pas le français de prendre connaissance des sujet. Si vous ne parlez pas l'anglais, n'hésitez-pas à demander une traduction au comité de l'association. Nous nous efforceront de répondre aux requêtes, dans la mesure de nos moyens.

Notice: This General Assembly will be mostly held in French, as long as the majority of members feels comfortable with it. If you do not speak any French, the following document contains all points of the agenda. If you have any question, please contact the committee.



  • Rachel




Welcome address

(Rachel, 2 min)

Summary of the past year's activities

(Rachel, 15 min)
Lots of fun, including crowdfunding perks being sent, and workshops (Spectro/BeeMoS/Micronuclei etc) given, many experiments, and then --- moving lab!!
for some background on how this developed, please see these notes.
The lab farewell party was held 31oct18 in Mass Challenge, with costumes, pumpkin soup and molecular sorbet. The big equipment was kept in containers by the pro moving company Harsch, until its installation 1feb, in Ecublens.

General updates

Hackuarium is in the 'Espace Créateur' of a new cooperative

(Rachel 5min)
With friends from Octanis, another association, Polymeka, and a few startups and entrepreneurs, we plan to facilitate innovation in the best way!
By forming the Space Alliance Cooperative, Hackuarium can keep its non-profit values, and the coop can ask for reasonable rent...
Here is the flyer we provided for the people of Ecublens' 'urbain development' team, who told to get in touch with their 'culture' group. As this space is just provisional, in fact destined for destruction in the next 3-5 years, having support of the commune would be very reassuring - especially if they could help us get a new space for the future move... (dossier en course, as they say! :)

--> Four members of Hackuarium (and Octanis) are also founding members of the new coop, Raffael, Olivier, LucP and Rachel.

Needed Changes to the Hackuarium Statutes and more important questions to be voted upon before discharging the current board

Article 3 of the Statutes: currently says our 'siège' is at 5 Chemin du Closel, Renens.

  • Who agrees that we should modify this article, to put our current address, Route de Crochy 20, Ecublens?


Article 5 of the Statutes: currently says we will work in good faith with UniverCité and CACIB.

  • Who agrees that we should change this to say we will work in good faith with the Space Alliance Cooperative?


Other questions:

  • Do we agree to allow the founding coop members to determine how best to support all interests, and continue to set conditions in the new site (i.e. for space/services/workshops/co-working)?


  • Do we want Hackuarium to also become an official member of the Space Alliance Cooperative? (This would require 300chf 'share' price, but provide the opportunity also to share in many benefits)


  • As we have to pay rent now, do we think it is ok to increase membership fees, from 20chf to 25chf, per month? see nb.


nb. Those who have paid their abonnement for the year 2019 before this General Assembly meeting, can stay at the old level, but for all others, this would go into effect immediately.

Approval of Financial Statement and Board Discharge

Financial statement

(Masoud, 10 min)

Board Discharge

The composition of the board since the last general assembly (February 2018) was as follows:

  • Anne-Laure and Eric were chosen as accounts verifiers.

To note:

('shadow' positions took over officially in August 2018)

Eric quit Hackuarium before the summer of 2018, and also, Sam and Gustavo resigned from the board in Fall 2018.

Election: Board

(Rachel, 15 min)


All board member positions are up for election.
Veuillez contacter l’un des membres actuels du comité si vous souhaitez être candidat. Vous êtes les bienvenus !!
Please contact any of the current board members, if you would like to be a candidate. You are very welcome !!

The roles of committee members are described in this wiki page.

Auditeurs comptes

New members and onboarding

  • How to join?
- write to hello@hackuarium.ch 
- read this page about joining
- fill in form from website
- pay monthly fee (20 CHF per month)
- ask for a card
  • New members?

Anyone willing to join now? Go talk to Rachel !

Update Projects

Any project that wishes to present an update should do so at this point. (opportunity for team formation, too)


(Olivier, 5 min)


(LucP, 5 min)

BioArt and More

(Vanessa, 5 min)

Genomic Integrity projects

(Rachel, 5 min) Three interns from the EPFL joined the lab for 8 weeks last summer, working toward prototypes of a 'cheek cell chip' (and a journalist in China already asked 'where can they be bought!')!
Hopes to make an epifluorescence build of the OpenFlexure scope in the coming months (for comet assays, and more).
Some testate amoeba from an Australian moss menagerie were taken to the lab in Neuchâtel, which specialises in them!

Living Instruments

(Vanessa - LucH can't attend)


(Roger?) a manuscript draft will finally be submitted to a citizen science journal!


(LucP, 5 min)

Espace Créateur Mural Project

who is interested to start and/or contribute to this?

  • artistic inspiration
  • commune approval
  • paint/brushes/ladder/tape (grid for enlarging original design
  • you!?

?? add yours

Upcoming Events and Planning

  • 'Ramène ta Science' at the Palais de Rumine, 16mars - Living Instruments and oFoldscope workshops
  • Alienated Landscapes event and workshop, Hackuarium - Ateliers Bellevaux, mai 2019.
  • 500Foods Event(s) - What's in your Food? With EPFL and SwissDeCode! tbd
  • International Biohacker Meetup Event - September 2019?? (including Guy Aidelberg, Fran Quero, Nieves Cuba Mateo, Hackteria friends, and many others...) What kind of event we can propose (scale/budget?) and make sure to keep from overlapping with others' (esp Boston one in October)! ?s of sponsors? crowdfunding, for real budget? invitations - how much can we support this??
  • more

Closing remarks

Rachel (2 min) & President 2019 et nouveau président (3 min)
Les plus actifs les membres peuvent devenir, le meilleur pour nous tous!
Nous sommes impatients de co-créer ce nouvel espace ensemble!
Je vous remercie!
The more active members can be, the better for us all!
We look forward to co-creating this new space together!
Thank you!

End of the formal part of the General Assembly.


Open Discussion