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*Wednesdays / ''les mercredis'' 19:00-21:30 Open Hackuarium Nights / ''soirées portes ouvertes!''<br />
*Wednesdays / ''les mercredis'' 19:00-21:30 Open Hackuarium Nights / ''soirées portes ouvertes!''<br />
*'''2022.09.21'''  pour projet 'updates' OpenFlexure avec Yngvar
*2022.09.28 pour projet 'updates'  
*2022.10.05  Prochaine réunion du comité  
*2022.10.05  Prochaine réunion du comité  
*2022.10.12    Wrap Event for MCBP2022 !!
*2022.10.12    Wrap Event for MCBP2022 !!

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la fête de 7 ans / 7 year bday celebration


Our lab and space are open to the public. Please let us know if you want to come and have a chat, or if you have any project ideas or questions, go ahead and get in touch!
Notre laboratoire et notre espace sont ouverts au public. Venez discuter avec nous ! Et si vous avez des idées de projets ou des questions, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter [[1]] !

OpenHackuarium: Every Wednesday, 19:00-22:00 As the current health crisis around covid-19 is far from being resolved, as case numbers still seem to be rising, without people taking care or being tested, we are still considering measures to avoid worries about members' and others' health. Please write our hello (at) address for organising your visits...
OpenHackuarium : Tous les mercredis, 19:00-22:00 Comme la crise sanitaire actuelle autour du covid-19 est loin d'être résolue, le nombre de cas toujours montant ici en Suisse, sans que les gens soucient trop ou se faire tester, nous mettons toujours des mesures pour éviter les inquiétudes sur la santé des membres et des autres. Merci d'écrire à notre adresse hello (at) pour l'organisation de toute visite...

Would you like to organise an event at Hackuarium, or with the Hackuarium community?

Voulez-vous organiser un événement à Hackuarium, ou avec la communauté Hackuarium ?

We have the above guidelines, so it is easy for any member to do.

Grâce à nos consignes, il est facile pour tout membre de faire.

Not a member? mail to hello (at) hackuarium (dot) ch to share your interests and learn more about the community!
(Maybe you will want to join us eventually? This form can ''fast track'' your joining!)

Vous n'êtes pas membre ? Envoyez un mail à hello (at) hackuarium (dot) ch pour partager vos intérêts et en savoir plus sur la communauté !

(Peut-être voudrez-vous un jour nous rejoindre ? Cela peut permettre d'accélérer votre adhésion !)

Upcoming Hackuarium Events


  • Wednesdays / les mercredis 19:00-21:30 Open Hackuarium Nights / soirées portes ouvertes!
  • 2022.09.28 pour projet 'updates'
  • 2022.10.05 Prochaine réunion du comité
  • 2022.10.12 Wrap Event for MCBP2022 !!

October 2022 - Panama with GOSH & Fête de la Science avec Pangloss Labs

* tbd: workshops upon request (see atelier à GoGo page)

(also depending upon measures for health...)

As measures have been relaxed, cases are still evident (more than 15k per week, going gradually down again, here in Switzerland).

As new variants can be made during each infection or come from afar, we need to do more than just hope...
Please make the most of the chance to get vaccinated, if you have not yet...
Each active infection gives the virus another chance to acquire something new - hopefully not the means to evade immunity!
Still, - we have been starting activities at lab! carefully...

you can also follow our google calendar

Other Upcoming Events


September 2022: Hacking the OpenFlexure for the Cheek Cell Chip!

October 2022: Panama with GOSH!

  • extra fun!?
  • More Chats with interesting people (Urs Gaudenz, latest invité - pcr and nanodrop - did his pocket pcr for 7th bday party... vs the abi ancient beast - sadly the Q5taq program was too much for the pocket pcr, it seems... see our images from the 7th anni party)
  • XY (virtually, via zoom or jitsi)

Depending upon Corona numbers, which still seem to be decreasing, here, at least!

Past Hackuarium Events

You can find the complete list of our past events here.

Event Organisation

You want to organise an event? Go for it!

Just follow these instructions.