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[[File:Coveredears.JPG|thumb|''la fête de 7 ans'' / 7 year bday celebration]]
to make bilingue still!
to make bilingue still!

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la fête de 7 ans / 7 year bday celebration

to make bilingue still!


Our lab and space are open to the public. Please come and have a chat! And if you have any project ideas or questions get in touch!

OpenHackuarium: Every Wednesday, 19:00-22:00 As the current health crisis around covid-19 is far from being resolved, although numbers have slowly been again reduced here in Switzerland, we are still implementing measures to avoid worries about members' and others' health. Please write our hello (at) address for organising any special visits...

Would you like to organise an event at Hackuarium, or with the Hackuarium community?

We have these guidelines, so it is easy for any member to do.

Not a member? mail to hello (at) hackuarium (dot) ch to share your interests and learn more about the community!
(Maybe you will want to join us eventually? See above for further links to info in this regard!)

Upcoming Hackuarium Events


  • Wednesdays 19:00-20:30: Open Hackuarium Nights

with Omicron worries (that moronic variant) the last two #OH evenings of this year will be only virtual!

  • 2022.01.01 mercredi 5 janvier, #OH pour l'année nouvelle, 2022.

  • 2022.01.?? pour la première rapport du projet Lumina ? Fête de nouvelle membres pour 2022 ??
  • 2022.02/3.?? AG 2022

  • workshops upon request (see atelier à GoGo page)

    also depending upon measures for health...

    As measures are relaxed, rising cases are evident. As new variants come from afar, we need to do more than just hope...
    Please make the most of the chance to get vaccinated, if you have not yet...
    Each active infection gives the virus another chance to acquire something new - hopefully not the means to evade immunity!
    Still, - we have been starting activities at lab! carefully...

    you can also follow our google calendar

    Other Upcoming Events


    Africa CDC meeting early December, for Corona Detective


    scheduling 55+ event! early 2022

    April 2022, Aarhus Denmark EXCITE meeting ...

    • extra fun!?
    • Another Chat with interesting people (Urs Gaudenz, latest invité - pcr and nanodrop - did his pocket pcr for 7th bday party... vs the abi ancient beast - sadly the Q5taq program was too much for the pocket pcr, it seems... see the images from the 7th anni party)
    • XY (virtually, via zoom or jitsi)

    Depending upon Corona numbers, which still seem to be decreasing, here, at least!

    Past Hackuarium Events

    You can find the complete list of our past events here.

    Event Organisation

    You want to organise an event? Go for it!

    Just follow these instructions.