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* Member: Gavrilo Bozovic
* Member: Gavrilo Bozovic
==First Board==
==Founding Board==
* [[User:Shalf | Yann Heurtaux]]
* [[User:Shalf | Yann Heurtaux]]

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The Board of the Hackuarium association is responsible for running the association.

The purpose, composition, roles and tasks of the board are explicitly described in the founding document of the association

Board meeting minutes

The agenda and minutes of our board meetings are available under the Category:Board_Meetings.


The committee is measuring the following points: http://wiki.hackuarium.ch/w/KPI


First draft of new board (5th) constituting itself around new tasks

The tasks of the board members are up to the board itself, but the following roles and tasks have been decided:

Comité Hackuarium, liste des tâches / Hakcuarium board, List of tasks:

Président / President

Rachel Aronoff

  • Represents the association
  • Moderates meetings
  • Convenes the General Assembly
  • Sign contracts on behalf of the association after consulting the board or the community
  • Supervises association's general activities.

Also, Citizen Science Facilitator and Biosecurity Officer

Vice-président / Vice-president

or co-pres
n/a in 2018

Trésorier / Treasurer

Luc Henry

  • Take care of all invoices and receipts
  • Keep bank account up to date
  • Keep membership fees up to date
  • Take care of orders with regular suppliers
  • Take care of dealing with and distributing minigrants

'Shadow Treasurer: Masoud (learning the ropes until August 2018 from Luc)

Secrétaire /secretary

Luc Henry

  • Plan board meetings (dates, agenda, reminders)
  • Plan General Assembly upon request from Co-Presidents
  • Make sure access to MC doors is ok ; book rooms for board meetings MC/UC
  • Keep board meeting minutes

'Shadow Secretary' Olivier??

Responsable de laboratoire / Lab manager

Gustavo Santa Maria

  • Organise space
  • Organise maintenance
  • Ensure proper use by members
  • Liaise with UC
  • Liaise with donors

Administrateur des outils web /Webmaster

Sam Sulaimanov

  • Email administration
  • Website administration
  • Slack maintenance and credentials
  • Wiki administration and credentials
  • Keep track on all web credentials (usernames and passwords)

Responsable Art et Design / Art and design

Vanessa Lorenzo

  • plan and organise art and design initiatives

Evangéliste / Talent scout

Daniel Hernandez

  • identify individuals and communities and contact them
  • identify events to attend and Hackuarium presence

Responsable communication / Communication manager

Olivier Emery

  • Posting our events on FB, twitter, slack, meetup & the wiki
  • Posting promotions on our facebook page about our activities and stuff members have done
  • Posting about what other labs and groups have been doing (with help from delegated members)
  • Posting about the latest biohacker/maker technologies
  • Press relations (hello address access)
  • Press kit updates

Responsable évènements /Event manager

(none at the moment)

  • curate events
  • plan events
  • communicate event details with communication manager

Community Happiness

  • Check and propose improvements for microgrant process + assess community needs about them
  • Implement Office Hours for community

Ateliers de Renens Link/point de contact

  • Make sure information flows both ways Ateliers de Renens / UC <=> us


Sixth Board

as of March, 2018 the Board is made up (provisionally, from meeting 29.3.18)

  • President: Rachel Aronoff (also Citizen Science coordinator and Biosafety Officer)
  • Lab Manager: Gustavo Santamaria
  • Secretary and Treasurer: Luc Henry for a transition period until 'shadow' secretary ready to take on roles by August 2018
  • Shadow Treasurer: Masoud Alipour
  • Deputy Biosafety Officer and Communications Coordinator, and Shadow Secretary: Olivier Emery
  • Art and Science coordinator: Vanessa Lorenzo
  • System Administrator: Sam Sulaimanov
  • Talent scout and evangelist for Academy: Anne-Laure Pittet
  • Talent scout and evangelist for Entrepreneurs: Gianpaolo Rando

Auditeurs comptes Anne-Laure, Eric

Fifth Board

Since the last General Assembly (February 2017), Hackuarium members serving as Board Members are:

The new Board still has to constitute itself (i.e. decide on precise roles, based on declarations issued by elected candidates during General Assembly), according to our bylaws. It has been done during this Board Meeting.

Fourth Board

Since the last General Assembly (January 2016), Hackuarium members serving as Board Members are:

Third Board

Since the last General Assembly (April 2015), Hackuarium members serving as Board Members are:

Second Board

Founding Board