5 years

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It's time to Celebrate 5 years of Biohacking at Hackuarium!

(exact actual bday, when the founding assembly general meeting happened, was 13/8/2014. So, we are already 5 years into this adventure!)

The big party will be 5 october in Ecublens!

The plan is for a full day and night of fun:

  • 10:00 Festivities begin
  • 10:30 BeeMoS workshop *
  • 12:00 lunch
  • 13-17 GMO Detective workshop (v2) with Guy Aidelberg (including soldering the DIY detector)
  • 18h fondue and birthday cake
  • 19h more Hackuarium demos and fun (Spectro, OpenFlexure, MossMenageries, and more!)
  • 20h music and fun

- en travaille...