20210310 GeneralAssembly

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L'ordre du Jour/ Agenda of the General Assembly

Date: Mercredi 10 Mars 2021, 19h30-21h30
Date: Wednesday 10 March 2021, 19.30-21.30

Lieu/Place: Route de Crochy 20, 1024 Ecublens et virtuellement sur zoom

Pour rappel, les statuts de l'association Hackuarium sont disponibles ici.
As a reminder, the statutes of the Hackuarium association can be found here (in French only).


  • Rachel


Excused (procurations)

Point 0: public minutes (RA, 1 min)

Get ok from all members to upload minutes on wiki (or else discuss alternatives)

L'ordre du jour de l'Assemblée Générale

Bienvenue / Welcome address

(Rachel, 2 min)

Introduction, Summary of past activities

(membres, project progress reports possible)

Présentation des comptes et décharge du comité 2020

(Michel et tous) Comptes Approuvé? Rapport des verificateurs(trices)

Élection du comité 2021

(tous. qui veut se presenter comme candidate?)

Nouveaux Membres

Rappel du procédé pour demande une mini-bourse/ Reminder of the process to request a minigrant

The process we used so far:
1 Project is developed, ideally with transdisciplinary team, and presented in #OH.
2. Wiki pages made and budget is determined. Up to 500chf can be requested for a minigrant.
3. Requester sends board an email, describing the need and justifying its budget (using the board@hackuarium.com email address).
3. If 3 members of the board support the request, it is a green light.
4. If there are concerns within 48 hours, negative opinions, it gets discussed at the next board meeting (within a month).

Prochains événements/ Next events

Other Business

Remarques finales / Final Remarks

Virtual Apéro