20210203 DIY Spirulina Simple Bioreactor

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Open Hackuarium Night - DIY Spirulina Simple Bioreactor
Organisé par Vanessa Lorenzo

Principal langue cette semaine: Français/Anglais
Theme : DIY Spiru! par Vanessa Lorenzo
Date : Mercredi 17 Fevrier 2021. Connexion à 19:00h et atelier en ligne


Hello ! En raison des restrictions COVID19, l'atelier est en ligne. Nous avons un 10 kit pour le premier 10 personnes inscrites ici [] Les kits seront envoyés a la direction que vous indiquez

Introduction to Spirulina and a workshop to build a compact simplified version of a Spirulina bioreactor to have at home.

Spirulina DIY Kit, made with love, includes:

Spirulina culture sample Growth medium Food for Spirulina 3D printed bioplastic case Silicone tube and pump Ready to plug and re-programmable electronic system that contains: - Arduino Nano or compatible micro-controller - Air and vacuum pump DC motor - 4.5V and 1.8 LPM - Transistor TIP120 Darlington - Diode 1N4001 - Bright white LED - Resistance 330 Ohm & 1K

Note: The kit is designed to be used with a 1l recycled glass bottle of approx. 90mm diameter (not included in the kit)