20200902 Board Meeting

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Agenda of the Board Meeting

Date: Wednesday, September 2, 19h
Place: Ecublens coop space (and possibly via zoom)



  • Tatiana
  • Raphaël


  • Joël
  • Esther


  • Vanessa

Welcome address (Rachel, 2 min)
At the last board meeting we decided that to become an association of public utility we would indeed need to make some changes to the statutes... So we are here especially to get ready for another special extraordinary general assembly meeting!

Point 0: public minutes (Rachel, 1 min)

Get ok from all board members to upload minutes on wiki (or else discuss alternative below)
Objections? all ok

Agenda Items

Point 1: Statutes & Extraordinary General Assembly

Joël (& voir agenda recente)

new document from Joël to say 3 things needed for votes  

put in drive--- will need to get convocation out soon!
Esther and Rachel to work on newsletter to announce EGA on Friday...

Point 2: Finances & Utilité Publique

with above

Point 3: Events

  • #OHs! (new idea from Vanessa - for today??)
  • 9sept: Urban Garden Data event (pea harvest after symbiosis)
  • 10oct: Fête de la Science et Biodiversité Ferney Voltaire (au château de Voltaire)
  • ?kid's club (Esther) & open food dna (Olivier) - rescheduling to await lower corona numbers again

Point 4: Wiki and Web


Raphaël and Rachel agree we need proper repo for all accounts etc...
easy way to go to github??
domain names? RA will ask Luc P if he has other domain names .org to confirm hackuarium.ch is owned by Yann H, says T... Raphaël and open source password manager... - to be discussed 30sept

next meeting -Extraordinary General Assembly 30sept Project presentations too... (esp for new visitors Yohann & Markus)