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=Point 1: Website updates=
=Point 1: Website updates=
Yann (5min)
Yann (15min)
Update on last meetings' decisions/results: <br>
Update on last remote work sessions with Jana' decisions/results<br>
Questions re: future design for board member; decision to escalate to community<br>
=Point 2: Finance=
=Point 2: Finance=

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Board Meeting Agenda
Weds. September 11, 2019, 18h30-20h30 (on fera tout pour finir à 20h si possible)
Place: Hackuarium, Route de Crochy 20, CH-1024 Écublens, VD



  • Rachel



Welcome (Rachel, 1 min)

  • Public minutes

Get ok from all board members to upload minutes on wiki (or else discuss alternative below).

Point 1: Website updates

Yann (15min) Update on last remote work sessions with Jana' decisions/results
Questions re: future design for board member; decision to escalate to community

Point 2: Finance


  • Factures to members from Masoud? - all former crowdfunding full year supporters in progress? others?
  • tax free status? -- progrès?? should we assign a comité??
  • grant writing? -- missedPro Helvetiac appel de septembre ?? to confirm!

- volunteers to take the lead and/or help for more fundraising? - lottery attempt again? others?

Point 3: Events

5 year party, 5 oct

  • budget (shalf? -- prix vin + fromage avant le 31.8) . RSVP date set with newsletter 27sept :) autre progrès ??
  • T-shirt making: qui a réussi demander un devis pour 100 tees ?
  • beemos workshop 11am

budget? ok? super goodies :)

  • GMO detective v2 for 13h

-budget 300-400euros: ok? awesome discussion certain

  • Océane et Luc ?? for 15h30

budget? what??

  • Maurice volunteers to do demos and give out the flying disks again for this party!
  • others ??
    demos of OpenFlexure by RA in inner sanctum, and moss etc in biolab
    of ?? (bioprinter? living instrument(s), radiation detector, other??)
  • what else?

SciComm 7min talk practice

18sept ??time??

Visit by Kaspar

GOSH guy from Germany, also worked with UK lab on OpenFlexure - meeting in Zurich 19sept.

other events

Point N: xy


  • Next board meeting 9 octobre (reprise rythme 2e mercredi chaque mois)