20180926 OpenHackuarium 221: DNA Damage Studies

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OpenHackuarium #221 - Studies on DNA Damage
Organisé par Rachel


* Thème : Studies on DNA Damage
* Date : Mercredi 26.09.2018, 19h, présentation et discussion à 19:30 et jusqu'à 21h
* Lieu :Salle Gaston Lagaffe, UniverCité, 3ème étage
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* Main language this week: French/English
* Theme: Studies on DNA Damage * Date: Wednesday 26.09.2018, 19:00, presentation and discussion start at 19:30 * Location: Room "Gaston Lagaffe", UniverCité, 3rd Floor


  • Delphine Plaire will present her experiences studying DNA damage, from irradiation of test animals to comet assays! more info coming soon...
  • Additionally, the summer interns, Violaine Regard, Jennifer Veillard, and Vithooban Thavapalan will present short summaries of their results over their 8 weeks in the lab.


Presentation from Delphine Plaire.
Presentation from the summer interns.

Infos pratiques (plan d'accès etc)

cf. #OpenHackuarium

Liens externes & Références

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