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Agenda of the Special Board Meeting

Date: Wednesday, August 8th, 19-20h
Place: UniverCité, 3rd floor meeting room (MC)

Everyone is again invited to this Special Board Meeting, as these are such interesting times!


  • Rachel


  • Olivier E



(Rachel, 1 min)

Public minutes

(Rachel, 1 min)

Get ok from all board members to upload minutes on wiki (or else discuss alternative below)

Who can keep the time?


Point 0: Future of Hackuarium

More information can be found on the Space Alliance document compiled by everyone.

Point 1: Update on the relationship with Inartis

(Rachel, 15min )

We have received only one proposition from Juliette, for Inartis.
No extended space with others like Octanis was proposed, and indeed the same basic 'contract' was offered as the week before.
In concrete terms, a rent of 2300chf per month for the '60m2' of Hackuarium is proposed.
This comes to about 460chf/m2 (or more!) for the space.
One has to wonder what they really want with this proposition.
Certainly the idea that they want to 'support the development' of our association is placed in doubt.
The acknowledgement of the benefit from our presence in the 'atelier ecosystem' is clear, however.
While Hackuarium has a strong interest in becoming sustainable, to date we have provided services and had no salaries or compensation, generally, and have no formulated business plan. While we always planned this to occur, and realise the constraints of Inartis, there is no justification for sudden exorbitant demands.
Just for a reminder, this was the original idea, when we moved into the renovated space on the 2nd floor. (see picture of floor-plan, still up next to the elevators on the 2nd floor)

Originalplan july2017.JPG

It is clear to see how many changes occurred since then - taking away the social area for another start-up, for instance, has clearly provided a great deal of funding for our (once benevolent) sponsor...
But, so it goes... for now we hope to move forward.
Is there any new proposition?
Are there any negotiations possible?
Does Inartis care about the impression that this all will be giving to others??
If there are no possibilities to negotiate, further discussion about options will be pursued.

Point 2: Assembly General Extraordinaire

(Rachel 5 min)
Based upon the previous point: Do we need to make another special meeting? yes/no
Need 30 days notice for a GA extraordinaire...
Earliest meeting possible is then the 5th (or 12th) September... Will fix the date together tonight, and from that point decide next steps.

Point 3: Visit for inspection of the P1 laboratory

(Rachel, 1 min)
After almost a year with an 'official' P1 lab, and a date set for a 4 september inspection by those mandated for this by officials in Bern, all this new problematic of the association Inartis has put everything in question... We will have to see, what we see...

to note: J brought up the ventilation of the fume hood question, again, during last discussions with Sam !!
Will need to contact the people from Bern and tell them the situation, to see what will be best.
What about other projects? bio-sculpture, bioluminescence??

Point 4: Flights to Shenzhen, China for GOSH2018 are booked and funded!

RA and SS will be away between 4oct-14oct to participate in this great transdisciplinary meeting about open science hardware. Further funding for accommodation is already requested...

Point 5: Pea Plant pot distribution!

happening now! 8-10aug
See here, for more info.

Point x