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Agenda of the Board Meeting

Date: Wednesday, June 27th, 8:00-9:30pm
Place: UniverCité, 3rd floor meeting room (MC)

Vanessa would like to present an update of Hybridoa to start the meeting.


  • Rachel


  • Olivier
  • Vanessa
  • Masoud
  • Anne-Laure
  • Sam
  • Gustavo


  • Luc H


Luc Patiny, guys from InnoKick, other gal to see V, Eric Pinto, etc... many left before Board business began.
Gianpaolo joined us virtually too and said he votes 'yes' for all...

Hello Board

(Rachel, 1 min)

Public minutes

(Rachel, 1 min)

Get ok from all board members to upload minutes on wiki (or else discuss alternative below)
Objections? none

Who can keep the time?

  • Anne-Laure


Urban garden trial with pea plants
Visit by Thomas Mboa 30June
Visit by Tania Jenkins, SCNAT 'Forum for Genetic Research' 12 July, 10:30am Maker space status
Leman Make

to be continued soon...

Point 1: Mycelium/Mushroom Projects

(10 min) Eric Pinto would like to present his perspective about what happened with his mycelium project.
Discussion: Declaration (to be scanned but not shared beyond comité), but did not invite discussion (esp from Gustavo), however a list of patents already out was provided by Gustavo, and Sam and others got to ask some questions...
entrepreneural visions as a motivation to join Hackuarium are difficult...
mushroom client for strawberry picker... :/ ??
such an uncomfortable situation, with someone that wants to make a start-up
perhaps we should have a protocol to make sure to clarify, that (if this is really one's goal, in this open science space) NDA's and so on are organised in advance, so these issues don't again arise.
personal issues and others explaining what we are all about can cause problems.
Next steps:
to talk to Daniel and others, to make sure they don't mis-represent our open access ideals
we need to take note to avoid false expectations

remind others of our goals and rethink this type of issue
how far do our responsibilities go for this sort of thing? as an association, maybe more explicit rules should be added to the charter?
documentation and open access is the idea
nda's etc are not consistent with these aims, generally speaking...
but this is certainly not the first time we have done this juggling (for innovation!)...

Eric will get his stuff (outside of what he says he plans to donate) and give back the access card

Point 2: Urban garden trial with pea plants

(Rachel, 10min) symbiotic bacteria already frozen (even at UNIL), but pea sprouting is very slow...

Point 3: Visit by Thomas Mboa 30June

(Rachel, 10min)
Special Biohacking Meetup/Workshop event - comparing DIY Spectros, with Luc Patiny, plus!
Timing confirmed! 10-16h
Urs is coming from Lucerne
Ramy also to come! OpenInsulin plus
Facebook event up.
Luc Patiny will do something with spectro and maybe we can make our pH meter better again,
and more!!
(Urs was talking about bringing his Daphnia sensor! :)
Is it ok to get a minigrant for up to 150chf for food/drink etc, for this day?
vote: all ok + Gianpaolo... ;)
Vanessa points out that we should have a list of attendees
Maybe we can do a timelapse to document too! :)
With the facebook event, at least one person beside Thomas is already signed up.

Point 4: Visit by Tania Jenkins, SCNAT

(Rachel, 10min)
Tania Jenkins wrote about planning an outreach event on gene technologies with a link to „who should do research“ in Lausanne in spring 2019.
They would like to consider Hackuarium as a potential venue, and have talked to Juliette about it too.
Big questions: is Hackuarium with UC ready to host something with 100 people?
RA thinks it could be good - but they are also considering other venues, and are still not sure about format for the event.

Who would like to join in to meet her and a colleague from Bern on 12 July?
(RA is away between 8-19july)
Big event for us here sounds good to most - but V says watch out about UC and MC taking it all...
We will be positive for now and welcome them.

Rachel will translate mail and send to Gustavo!

Point 5: Leman Make

lucP and Olivier both have tables.
to have them next to us too!
who else will be here? 29-30 Sept
Rachel could do paper foldscopes again...
Do board members agree she could get a minigrant to order the lenses (50 lenses is about 50USD plus shipping) and get the heavy paper etc and other things for magnetic fixations? Total budget to be estimated - should we aim for 100 or even more??
Vote: all are ok for 50 lenses and paper etc (one workshop for 24 each day of LemanMake, potentially...) - for a minigrant of about 100...
other ideas for the Hackuarium table?? On va en parler!

Point 6: GOSH Meeting in Shenzhen, China

(Rachel 5min)
The GOSH 2018, Gathering for Open Science Hardware, about 'sharing open designs for everything from microscopes and biomaterials to spectrometers and sensors' will be held in Shenzhen China 10-13October 2018, and Rachel has been accepted as a participant and representative of Hackuarium.
(In particular, from her experiences with the makers of the Foldscope, she is keen to make sure open microscopes' developments are fully shared.)
While some travel costs may be covered by the organisers, including flights and visa fees, accommodation is not supported. Thus, would the committee agree to a minigrant of 500chf to go towards this week in China. Sam also is in the same position
vote: we will see if they pay for the flights first! ok... Anne-Laure says maybe we could try for Fondation Mercier to get other support...

Rachel and Sam will look into these, too!

Point 7:

We have a stagiare in the lab this week - Romane Laufer.
Please make her welcome!

Point N: other issues

getting things done by architects! or ok for us to do... (i.e. ventilation of hood!) mornings to meet with one!!

get maker space info and organise for our group membership as an association!!! no one has met the new head of it all???