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Agenda of the Board Meeting

Date: Thursday, March 29th, 19.00-20.00pm
Place: UniverCité, 3rd floor meeting room (MC)

Everyone is again invited to this Board Meeting, as these are such exciting times!


  • Rachel


  • Anne-Laure
  • Olivier
  • Sam
  • Gianpaolo


  • Gustavo Santa Maria (Si vous devez voter quelque chose, je vous donne mon vote gianpaolo)
  • Luc Henry


Agenda Items

@Hello Board

(Rachel, 1 min)

Public minutes

(Rachel, 1 min)

Get ok from all board members to upload minutes on wiki (or else discuss alternative below).


Time Keeping

Who can keep the time?

  • Olivier

Point 1: Minigrants

to host HUMUS SAPIENS workshop at Hackuarium?

(Luc, in absentia)

Julian Chollet (mikroBIOMIK), Marc Dusseilier (Hackteria) and Maya Minder have launched a crowdfunding project called HUMUS SAPIENS. One of the rewards is a EUR 1,500 one-day program.

Q: Is the board ok to use a budget to invite them to Renens and run this program for 20 Hackuarium members for free?
A: NO (5 of 5)

to support BeeMoS?

Olivier says:
I would like to submit a proposal for a 500.- CHF mini-grant for the BeeMoS project. It's been now about a year since I joined Hackuarium as a member and launched BeeMoS. Luc Patiny has been of a great help in designing the PCB which we have recently received a second order and will soon start soldering/programming it. In parallel, we are developing a laser-cut enclosure for the bee counter. Recently (for a month or two) two persons have joined the project (Cyril and Tristan) and also became Hackuarium members. We meet at least once a week to advance various aspects related to BeeMoS. Our project is active but we would need some money to buy a stock of materials to build 3 complete boards including SMD components (the remaining components will be used in future boards as often discounts for 10 pieces are significant) and to reimburse Luc Patiny for several past costs. These two categories are detailed in the attached preliminary budget. This budget is an estimation as I don't have receipts from Luc for the past costs and as future costs are based on advertised prices on different platforms (Mouser/Alibaba) which may vary slightly. The preliminary budget of this minigrant is an Excel file, but here's also a link of the same budget on google spreadsheet in case it's more convenient for you: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ZwHIYJh_6P3JjNveEjMhj3DUywl-scAgp9N9REVeqU4 I am at your disposal for any inquiries you may have.

Anne-Laure and Rachel already agree. One more? Sam and Gianpaolo also agree!

Minigrant is approved!

to support the 'bio-cement' art project (Manon)?

as presented 21march, Manon needs to do tests for her art project and has made a budget. the most expensive thing is the ATCC strain Sporosarcina pasteur (ATCC11859) for over 400euros but also she needs Urea and AmmChloride (in addition to other components we already have in the cupboard) (cost of about 60euros)
Who agrees to support this project with a minigrant?

Can Manon count as a direct collaborator via Octanis (as an epfl unit), and then get the strain for free?? We can maybe talk about this, but in general people are supportive - we will wait on details.

Point 2: New board and access rights

(Luc, in absentia)

According to decisions taken during the General Assembly, the following points need to be taken care of during the meeting (or shortly after):

  • Update of the main page (section committee members with new names (according to General Assembly wiki page) (all)
  • Definition of tasks for each member of the board on the following page (all)
  • Change email list for board@hackuarium.ch with all new members attached (Sam)
  • Change Slack access right to the board channel (Sam).

I myself updated my roles in the Tasks section of the board page (see below). Please confirm you are happy, and discuss each of the board members' roles.

Q1 from RA: Does anyone want to be co-president, or other ??

The current committee (2018-2019) is composed of the following people:

Auditeurs comptes: Anne-Laure, Eric

WE NEED an EVENT COORDINATION person (google calendar savvy, and also for UC and MC calendar/contacts etc.) ideally...
Rachel will add board members to Facebook group. Olivier will coordinate and delegate...

Trésorier / Treasurer
Luc Henry
WHO would LIKE to BE the 'SHADOW' Treasurer (to take up reins 1July- so with time to ask questions until August)
- at this board meeting, no one wants to do this - want to find someone keen and able (Masoud) and, we get an accountant?? we should look into this! Anne-Laure agrees to find out more, before our next meeting...

  • Take care of all invoices and receipts
  • Keep bank account up to date
  • Keep membership fees up to date
  • Take care of orders with regular suppliers
  • Take care of dealing with and distributing minigrants

Secrétaire /secretary
WHO would LIKE to BE the 'SHADOW' Secretary (to take up reins 1July- so with time to ask questions until August want to find someone keen and able (Olivier? Joël??)!)
Luc Henry

  • Plan board meetings (dates, agenda, reminders)
  • Plan General Assembly upon request from Co-Presidents
  • Make sure access to MC doors is ok ; book rooms for board meetings w/ MC/UC
  • Keep board meeting minutes

To double check all other tasks during meeting...

=Point 3: Fiscal issues for Association, Bank Card, Payments

(Anne-Laure, 15min)

There may be a need to do something (payer l'impôt, ou faire une annonce) because of all the cash from the campaign?

Voici l'info de Anne-Laure:
Faut-il s’annoncer aux autorités ?
Non, seuls des statuts signés et un procès-verbal de votre assemblée constitutive officialisent l'existence de l'association.
En revanche toute association devrait s’inscrire auprès de l’office d’impôts des personnes morales, Rue du Nord 1, 1400 Yverdon-les Bains.
Devez-vous vous inscrire au Registre du Commerce (ou ailleurs) ?
Non, sauf si l'association réalise un chiffre d’affaires supérieur à Fr. 100'000.- par année et si – pour atteindre votre but – vous exercez une industrie commerciale.

Les biens et bénéfices de l'association sont-ils imposables?
En outre, selon les articles 111 LI et 118 LI, seules les association dont le bénéfice ou le capital atteignent respectivement Fr 12'500.- Fr 50'000.- sont imposables. Si vous n’atteignez pas ces sommes, vous êtes quand même tenus de vous inscrire à l’office d’impôts, mais ne serez pas imposés.
RA thinks we SHOULD inscrire à l’office d’impôts, EVEN THOUGH WE ARE BELOW 50K... We can wait, for this year all is good.
L'association est-elle soumise à la TVA?
L'association réalisera-t-elle un chiffre d'affaires annuel d'au mains Fr. 75'000? Si la réponse est non, l'association n'est pas assujettie à la TVA, quel que soit le genre de recettes encaissées. Aucune démarche ne doit être entreprise au sujet de la TVA.
(source. http://www.integrationvaud.ch/pdf/Creer_et_gerer_une_association.pdf)
with an accountant, we can get into the system and have no trouble in the future!
To find out if we have a bank card for our account and see if Gustavo can take it for lab expense use. ?? We will ask Luc to give it to Gustavo soon.

Point 4: Project Coordination

(Rachel, 2min) With biocement art, mycelia, mushrooms, cheek cells and cortisol tests, plus, some coordination of work dates/times may become essential.
Everyone should be aware that we will have to communicate and work together.
Thank you to all who have already done the intro to biosafety and turned in their waiver forms.
Make sure to talk to Rachel and Gustavo without delay, if there are any issues.
We can start to use a calendar, if things start to get congested. Sam will set it up so we are ready, before any problems.

Point 5: Events Ahead

(Rachel, 5min)


Still some workshops ahead for the donors

  • Dan (microfluidics) - RA will contact and get details.
  • Olivier (BeeMoS visit and maybe also cream/lipbalm?)

Who can help? What are dates?
BeeMoS visit will be in the next few weeks (depending on weather).

Other Micronucleus Test Public Workshop on 21 April has a few signed on...
please spread the word

Workshoptext copy.jpg


merci Anne-Laure pour l'aide de traduction!

merci, Richard pour l'aide avec le ultra-centrifuge holders!

The wikipedia hackathon idea is postponed for now, due to other pressures... (Sam might have news?)
Any other workshops (Octanis?) other?? Sam says a RaspberryPi workshop is planned, and some other things, no dates yet...


  • Mg++ event (18April) is still awaiting text and image from Bernard Dugas for making publicity flyer.
    1. OH200 (2May) movie night - Hackers or Gattaca?? or??
  • Swiss Engineers visit (16may) with hopes for a 'living instruments intro' (Olivier Keller may be helping...)
  • Other events??


Open Hardware discussion facilitated by Sam (date tbd)

Leman Make, 29-30sept
What should we do?
mycelium, sensor+ beehive??? (Olivier will look into the latter) Who wants to take the lead on organising Hackuarium participation? ?? no one volunteered (but someone who uses maker space is prob good)

Point 6: Next Board Meetings

to be scheduled
23May 18:30
27June 20h
25July 19:30h

Point 7: Other business

Expect more journalist output 'bientôt'
voir l’émission « Les Curieux » sur la chaine La Télé...

P1 news:
We have 12 members who already have taken the 'intro to biosecurity' course!