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Agenda of the Board Meeting

Date: Wednesday, Sept 11, 17-19pm
Place: UniverCité, 2rd floor meeting room



  • Vanessa (here by 5:25)
  • Rachel


  • Gustavo
  • Anne-Laure
  • Daniel
  • Gianpaolo
  • Sam (by Skype via Gianpaolo)


  • Luc
  • Yann Heurtaux
  • Yann Pierson

Not Heard from (to date, Sept 7)

  • Ana (last note with excuses to RA on June 9th).

Agenda Items

@Hello Board

(Vanessa, 1 min)

Public minutes

(Rachel, 1 min)

Get ok from all board members to upload minutes on wiki (or else discuss alternative below)

Objections? OK!

Financial Status of the Association

No news from Ana, yet.
Sam says she is still on vacation, & we will see what she says on her return.

A proposal has been made that Luc should become the treasurer again, since Ana has not been in contact recently.
Who makes a motion that Luc will take up the position of Treasurer in addition to his role as Secretary?
to vote 6 of 6 are for this idea, and we will ask for Luc to approve, if possible.

3rd Anniversary of the Association and Crowdfunding

(Vanessa, 10 minutes) The Hackuarium Association is 3 years old, as of September 2017 (exact dates?)
Plans for big launch of crowdfunding on Weds, 18 October and Big Party with activities for Saturday, 28 October.
Any objections?
Join in for next crowdfunding meeting on 13Sept to help more, esp need video scenarios etc.

Edit YP:
- Great! Won't be there on the 28th though.

UniverCité is saving this date for us!

When V came, we heard the 28 may not work well and that we should aim for the big birthday celebration for the end of the year...
More will be discussed on the crowdfunding meeting on Weds.

Roles of Committee Members

(Everyone, 30 minutes) What do we each do? and what do we still need??
Community building - Dan says he plans to do this seriously... hoping for some UC salary, if possible... and will make proposition for committee.
Event organisation - especially working group for #OH nights - who is up for this?? Vanessa says everyone could organise what they want... but we are ending up with many OH nights with nothing... things will come says Anne-Laure also with the campaign

UC coordination
Edit YP
- Clarification of the contribution I'm willing to make: My role is not to organize events. My role is to pass on the info on FB, MU and the wiki that other users want to promote. In that way the written content for the events is written consistently.
- I'm willing to help on the lab organization when I have time and if needed.

Sam says the question of roles and responsibilities is not as impt as getting the next thing done. conferences and workshops, not event managers will make things fine... we need some people who will think about what is the next best thing to do it - like he did with Gianpaolo.

Rachel says she does not want an event manager, she wants weds nights, and the lab, and the co-working space, with something going on and happening.

Proposal for Internal Activities

How does the idea of monthly meetings with other UC/co-working/startup groups sound to you?
People from the start-up Darix, which is making special helmets for firefighters, and others might be interested...
Best days/times?
Other ideas?

[Sam] we'd like to redo our raspberry pi and electronics workshops in spring 2018.

Updates on External Activities

(Daniel, 30 minutes)

Bio Summit

web site: https://www.biosummit.org/

dates: Friday September 21 to Sunday September 25, 21 to 25 for out-of-towners

Hackuarium Representation (I would like to take the posters). Vanessa will be calling in. Any other actions?
Community Sustainability


Dan is putting a flyer out about this now:

Starts sept 13th 14 sessions -> every week
Design homework and experimental

  • very expensive
  • Potential Dutch student coming
  • P1 notification must be done, asap, if this is really happening (even though need to organise more...)

Vanessa says that it could all be free, if you don't need to get the certificate. (but maybe this is not being run like ordinary MOOCs)

Conference Series at Octanis@EPFL

[Sam]: Jonathan will come to Octanis @ EPFL and present Beerdecoded
(3rd October), LivingInstruments, "Talk".
- CONFIRM: We are going to file the first talk with Jonathan to EPFL this week. - NEXT ACTION: We will need to fix the other dates tonight if possible.

Quick update Klangmoorschopfe, Klontal Retreat et discussion Van der Meer

from Vanessa: Living Instruments installation and performance went very well - lots of media coverage, radio also.
The 20-24sept is the retreat at Klontal

Idea of living things as sensors-

Other Business

Part time proposition

Has this been pursued, since brought up by YannP for the Board meeting on 12July (and never really fully discussed)?
de la dernière réunion de comité: by Yann P, Je veux négocier avec UC la création d'un poste de lab manager à temps partiel.

  • Current status?

Dan might try for community!!

Another potential part time salary from InArTiS might be to have a UC community/event manager again, as Yann H did in the old days.
did Luc ever get compensation for event planning for UC?
it is clear Juliette needs extra help in organising UC with co-working and pro space in crises...
Edit YP
The UC situation is IMO too cahotic. UC is not the UC I imagined in the beginning. All working personnel in 3 years of UC left or got kicked reflecting potentially the poor organisation of the initiative. On a personnal level other projects took place. I'm therefore not pursuing the idea.

Lab work

(Gustavo, 20min)
Flooring, water, ventilation... this is all on hold with the architect...
Interphone : Sam will get the wireless one for us - and we will put it up!
Inventory - to be finished - to get things out of the way!
when Luc P is back we can get the rest of the things off the floor...

  • Who plans to come in more regularly?
  • Will anyone use the co-working desks??

Input from Yann Pierson
I did a check on what is needed for launching the P1:
- A list of SOP: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1F2yR6q7cbpKqdFqT9oQYrJjmkNryhMZGLI_b30JVJCA/edit
- - To be modified to the current space
- De-clutter the area to make it more microbio friendly
- - Move what is unrelated to the activities in the other part specially in the cupboards
- Add a clearly labelled biowaste container
- Add the eye washers and mark them visibly
- Add labels such as "wash your hands", "wear goggles"...
- Fix the drawers so they don't fall.
- Try Gustavos -60°C pelletier technique
- water and air suction.
Technically for the activities we'll adapt to the necessities.
- Tell me before mid november what might be needed and we'll get it (buffers, enzymes, plastics, dH2O and ddH2O tanks ...)

More Activities

  • Edgeryders Open Village Festival 2017, 19-21 October, Brussels

RA going (will miss projected crowdfunding campaign launch day on the 18th, but back for the party...)

  • Belgrade Science Festival - December 2017 - interested in Foldscope, but also music and art hacks... Maybe someone (Sam? [ Sam: won't be able to join in the end, exam prep time :( ] others?) also would like to come?

Funds are being requested for RA and one more...

  • other?

Vanessa will be at the Klontal retreat during 21-25sept, and a virtual call-up with the Biohackers in MIT (when Dan is there) is planned! Please contact Dan and Vanessa if you want to take part in this! (should be cool!!)

Sam has made a new form for everyone to update their project page site in the website: https://goo.gl/forms/a0YPrWOxHdhLMhs92