20170608 Board Meeting

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Agenda of the Board Meeting

Date: Wednesday, June 7th, 19.30-21.30pm
Place: UniverCité, 3rd floor meeting room



  • Vanessa & Rachel


  • Vanessa
  • Rachel
  • Gianpaolo


  • Luc
  • Yann Heurtaux
  • Yann Pierson
  • Daniel
  • Sam


@Hello Board

(Vanessa, 1 min)

Public minutes

(Rachel, 1 min)

?ok from all board members to upload minutes on wiki (or discuss alternatives)


Point 1: Urgent matter - Moving into the New space

Practical Questions

Is the date confirmed? 24-25 June?
RA asked Christophe for confirmation - 2nd floor still very bare yesterday...

Move: Action plan

  • Moving team

How did it work for the move to 1st floor

Who will be 'lead' member, to contact everyone and make sure we have enough people?

From EGA sign up list: Gianpaolo, Anne-Laure, Océane, Olivier Emery, Rachel and Vanessa, said they could help during the moving weekend (24-25th June? - RA asked Christophe for confirmation)

  • Brief Design of the Space: plan to date, group adjustments
  • New stuff: Racks? Sofa?

? No new stuff before we move (and test the space for at least 2 months).


  • Day-long UC event 27 June. Who is signed up?
  • Tidy up, participative hacks and show off. (visitors!)
  • Hackuarium special event seems like a good idea??

Point 2: UC Crowdfunding campaign

(Vanessa, 15 min)

Sum up votation from EGA

UC Interactions

  • Upcoming Meeting between Benoit and Luc
    • items for discussion
    • outcome(s) desired

Treasurer's report

Ana (5 min)

Working groups

Decide on precise timeline and responsibilities NOW!

Then give tasks to working groups.
from EGA sign up list: Ana, Adrian, Olivier, and Rachel were only ones who signed on for campaign specifically.
Gianpaolo, Vanessa, Rachel and Adrian said they would help with communication.
Ana, Sam, Olivier, Vanessa and Rachel said they would help with perks.
Who else is willing to do what ???
What else should happen when Luc meets Benoit?

  • Storytellers (STELL)
    • you?
  • Communication (COMMS)
    • you?
  • Reward designers (RWD)
    • you?
  • Cash-Flow Team (CASH)
    • you?
  • Logistics (LOG)
    • you?
  • More...?

Notes on Workshopology

  • Each "Workshop Leader" is responsible of the team planning, budget (costs and pricing), materials, participants.
  • So far, response from the future "workshopology board":
    • Oceane Patiny, Luc Patiny, Olivier Emery, Gustavo Santamaria, Rachel Aronoff, Roger Erismann, Vanessa Lorenzo, Sam Sulaimanov.
    • Needs to be broken down by topic.
    • Best would be to have 2 workshops a month for the 6 months of the winter (October-March) -> 12 dates (each workshop can happen twice -> 6 workshops.

Other Business

Biofabbing Convergence: Update from the organizers

(Vanessa, 1 min)

  • Big thank you and... future "business"???:

Mozilla Mini-Science Grant

(Rachel 1 min)

  • Application in for project: Personally Tracking Levels of DNA Damage for Citizen Science

Lab Visitor Tally List

(Rachel 1 min)

  • Spreadsheet for keeping track of lab visitors, esp large touring groups from UC who want open lab spiel...

'Lab visit tallies' Please 'bookmark' this in devices (link from Board slack), and fill in when people come to lab!

Future activities

  • events, funding, fun?
  • you?