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Agenda of the Board Meeting

Date: Wednesday, April 12th, 20.00-22.00pm
Place: UniverCité, 3rd floor meeting room



  • Vanessa & Rachel


  • Vanessa
  • Gustavo
  • Gianpaolo
  • Sam
  • Anne-Laure
  • Rachel
  • Yann H.
  • Ana
  • Luc


  • Yann P.


Welcome address

(Vanessa, 1 min)

Point 0: public minutes

(Vanessa, 1 min)

Get ok from all board members to upload minutes on wiki (or else discuss alternative below)

Objections? Yes, Point 1 should stay within the board

Point 1: UC Crowdfunding campaign

Update from the President

(Vanessa, Rachel, 5 min)

Renens to provide a great part of funds (0.8M of 1.2M needed), and Vanessa and Rachel (and Gustavo) had a nice lunch with the syndic, Jean-François Clément.

Inartis wants to raise 50-100K by crowdfunding. Final amount is not clear. Hackuarium can contribute know-how and projects as rewards. The campaign will offer visibility to the projects.

Inartis takes care of the planning idea is to provide participation to workshops.

What do we agree to contribute

(Vanessa, Rachel, 10 min)

We offer communication according to this:

  • 1 Post on newsletter
  • 10 Facebook post
  • 10 Twitter post

Edouard Treccani, who works for Inartis/MC, is the main contact for the Crowdfunding. There was a 'soft launch' during the night of the political debate about Innovation in Vaud (Tuesday 11th April). The actual 'digital' launch sometime in the next month.

It could be important to find out who else in the community can contribute to this effort.

even people sharing news about this crowdfunding campaign can make a big difference...

What are the answers we need?

  • We need to pay for running workshops -> must be included in the value of the workshop!
  • We want to validate anything that has Hackurium in it. We want to see the content to validate.
  • When does it start? 11 May to 11 June
  • On which platform?

Next actions

  • Yann send an email to Christophe to get:

- meets the other UC actors to discuss
- all the details (dates, platform, etc..)
- draft of the campaign

  • Yann sends a draft blog post to the whole board
  • Luc sends an invitation for a extraordinary General Assembly
  • Task force is composed of Vanessa and Rachel. The responsibilities are: communicate with Edouard and Christophe, gather information about workshops: what, when, how much (costs + price)

Point 2: Community & Neighborhood Happiness

(Shalf, 5 min) Drafting future blogpost telling the story of Inartis & Hackuarium for Benoît to co-author.

  • Reminder how and what Hackuarium community members contributed to the early months/years of UC development.
  • Re-tell the story explaining "the deal" why we never had to pay rent
  • Stating why and how we should engage together again towards future, and the precise terms of the deal

Point 3: Biofabbing Fabrications and fabulations

Biofabbing conference will happen on May 10-13.

  • Biofabbing Fabrications and fabulations --> The Unconference: (bordel but...)
  • Visit to hackuarium Somewhere between 10 - 14 Mai from 19h. on --> WHO is there? Luc + Yann + Rachel + Vanessa (the whole time), Ana 13th
  • Does is make sense to not have and special thing happening (hello and apero?)
  • Help to set a biolab at IdeaSquare for days 10 - 14 Mai
  • Vanessa will make an email with projects that wanna be there --> WHO Finally?
  • Minigrant up to 500 CHF for this

Point 4: Varia

Implement automatic reply

(Luc, 2 min)

For the hello@hackuarium email address.
We would need it both in French and English. Based on the email from London Biohackerspace:

Thanks for your email and for being interested in what we do!
We will come back to you as soon as possible but in the meantime please have a look at
our website: http://www.hackuarium.ch
our wiki: http://wiki.hackuarium.ch
Hackuarium is a volunteer-led space and we need to use our time wisely.
If you want to talk to us, we meet at 19:30 every Wednesday evenings (LINK TO WIKI #OPENHACKUARIUM)
1st floor
UniverCité, Chemin du Closel 5, 1020 Renens
The Hackuarium team

Luc would be happy to polish the text and send it to Vanessa for implementation.

Update Website

(Luc, 2 min)

Sam -> any idea of the number of visitors?
Add profile of all members.
Update projects description.
Luc -> Announce this on a Wednesday night.

Update BeerDeCoded

(Gianpaolo, 1 min)

We have the DNA raw data of 39 beers.
Communication plan

Community Strength

How many people are really paying members?
about 50 last year, and so far only 10 members are currently paid up. (expect 'factures'!)

How often do more than the core 5-10 actually come to the lab?
Not often

Update Octanis

(Sam, 1 min)

Working on the Racks for the past few months. Want to share what Octanis has learnt with EPFL and bring more EPFL students to Hackuarium. The racks serve as a hook, and an exchange. And they should be advertised. With this project, it can bridge EPFL and Hackuarium communities.

Point 5: Future activities

(Vanessa, 2 min) Hack the lake
Approach ECAL