20170119 Meeting with BD

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Rencontre avec Benoît Dubuis à UniverCité
Date: Mercredi 18 janvier 2017, 17h

Representatives of the Hackuarium community (Luc, Gianpaolo, Yann, Vanesa) as well as Made@ (Marc) insisted on two things:

Our community benefits from the communal space (meetup and green zone) as they are central to our "social" activities and should therefore not be sacrificed

UniverCité would hugely benefit from having good community managers doing the communication and support for "pro" users, as well as coordination with the "amateur" communities.

Representatives of UniverCité (Inartis represented by Benoît and Christophe) insisted that:

Besides practical issues, the message to the Hackuarium community what that Inartis needs the space to generate an income to pay for the rent and therefore needs to be used more efficiently. Hackuarium has to acknowledge that we have been spoilt with near unlimited space for the past 2.5 years but these days are gone and we need to use the "meetup" space better.

This does not change the philosophy of the place, nor the position of Hackuarium per se, but will probably mean shrinking our space and sharing it more.

Benoît Dubuis insisted on the fact that it is OK to meet / walk around the 3rd floor: both floors are now part of the same community that should mix more.

Inartis takes the responsibility to manage the professional staff that sustain UniverCité, not Hackuarium. Right now, Christophe is the person of contact who replaced Juliette.

Cristophe in his role of community manager can/will help patrolling the lab when our members are not around. He can also help enrolling new members and possibly look into the "national civil service" to recruit more workforce for our activities.

As general rule, opportunities/enquiries that we may have turned down at Hackuarium because of the lack of bandwith should be forwarded to Cristophe.

Inartis insists that it would be nice if Hackuarium could contribute financially to UC budget.

Benoit has the impression the green zone is not used enough, he hears from Luc and Marc that this zone is important to us as community and will monitor how well the zone is used. If the space is still empty, it could be reconverted in something different at the end of the year.

The 2nd floor is not a storage area. Storage will be negotiated at ground zero.