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Agenda of the Board Meeting

Date: Thursday, September 19th, 19.30-21.30pm
Place: UniverCité



  • Luc as president


  • ...


  • Sam
  • ...


Welcome address

(Luc, 2 min)

Point 0.1: public minutes

(Luc, 1 min)

Get ok from all board members to upload minutes on wiki (or else discuss alternative below)


Point 0.2: Actionables

To members:
-> send invoice for membership fee using Smallinvoice.ch -> Luc (up to end July, then for 3 months) -> Luc
-> make a slide to insist at OH that people should talk about the place and advertise for it and become members (and how) -> Luc

To board members:
-> Email board member and ask for dedication (2 hours a week + list of tasks) -> Luc to present at this board meeting
-> Every board member should really take care of motivating members -> let's insist this time again
-> Implement key performance indicators until the next General Assembly on Wednesday 14th December 2016 (Gianpaolo and Sam are are charge of monitoring here)
-> Send a summary with membership fees and conditions
-> Profile for 2 interns, including tasks and skills
-> List of projects that need help, list of tasks
-> Plan GA OH #128 Wed. 14th December
-> Next board meetings 19th of Sept. 24th October, 28th November -> Luc sent a reminder on 31st August to board members
-> Next General Assembly on Wednesday December 14th (during Openhackuarium #128, followed by a fondue).

Luc asks Marc about the projector -> email sent on 31.08.2016
Luc clarifies the role of Juliette and how we can help her help us
Anne-Laure makes a list of people to invite in 2017
Every board member sends an email/call to 2-3 active projects and check where they are and report at the next board meeting, what is stopping you, what would you need to come more often
Luc asks Cyanoguard what he expects from the lab.
Luc asks Luc about bioreactor documentation -> done, Luc still needs to insist to make sure it is now completed properly
Sam asks Marion about Air Sampler on OH.
Make sure we have a list of tasks to get people on board -> post-its with projects and tasks so that people can sign-up.
Sam gets RFID stickers to attach to the main card.
Sam makes primary twitter channel and see how many unfollow (1month).
Luc sends Pi workshop tweets. Done
Yann sends Facebook message with Hackuarium.

Point 1: Project Updates

It is important that every board member stays up to date with all main projects. Add link when relevant.

Hackuarium in general

Yann (5min)

  • Board: Redefine roles: Board members have a task and commit to it, they invest time and energy in a tangible way.
  • Association: Maybe I'm just the one losing track but I have the feeling things are not moving or are just going randomly in any direction
  • Do we try to set ourselves a goal as an association and try to push most of the members in this direction ? If we want to make an impact we have to pool our ressources no ? We have some main projects going well since people are independent and work as a team but we also have a lot of free electrons we could catalyse in something bigger ? WDYT ?

UniverCité Community meeting

Update from Luc (5 min)
Update from Yann (1min to 10min)

Where are we going ?
How do we avoid UC becoming just another coworking?
Do we want to put energy into this when I (Yann) feel no return whatsoever and mostly a loss of time and energy ?

P1 implementation

Update from Yann P. (5min) - BSO title obtained - Wall and renovation problems.

When are those renovations due ?
What do we do with the material ?
Sam was talking about amovible walls
Yann: PhD and followings


Update from Gianpaolo (5min)

  • Web app architecture (Marco). It automagically recreates the graphs as new beers are introduced. http://decodedbeer-twoba.rhcloud.com/polls/beerchart_json/
    • The database works well back-end.
    • Help needed on Front-end (design). (Vanessa?)
    • Help needed on algorithms to mangle data. (Jonathan keen to do some work now that the PhD has been defended)
  • Bench work
    • Work done:
    • 96 beer pellets (Gianpaolo)
    • 96 DNA extractions (Gabrielle)
    • 192 PCRs: 96 x 16s bacteria, 96 x ITS fungi (Nicolas), --> sent to genomic facility for sequencing.
    • Only 39 PCR (ITS) are OK for sequencing.
    • New team member Isabelle, keen to work on the bench from October 1st.
  • QC at Hackuarium
    • Probably need for a more clean area to work with DNA (Gustavo, see P1 discussion)
    • After a DNA extraction, do we have DNA? Is it pure or contaminated? (Open nanodrop: Sam, Jochem)
    • After a PCR, did the PCR worked? Has it the right band size?
  • Bento prototype returned to fabric. Final device expected in November.

Living Instruments

Update from Luc (5min)


Update from Sam (5min)

Point 2: Funding Applications

Loterie Romande

A new application will be submitted at the Loterie Romande for 20'000 CHF. Deadline is October 15th.


Luc has a list here, and will keep writing emails as soon as he has time.

Point 3: Future partnerships

EPFL - Engineering and Architect internships

Mike Horn pole2pole

Joint Outreach with SIB

Waiting for Marie-Claude Blatter to come back to us. Reminder email sent on 31.08.2016, answered on 01.09.2016

She discussed with Nicolas Guex et Marco Pagni (Vital It SIB). A brief summary is available here.

Ideas include RNA seq on samples to see if there are metabolically active species in clouds. A first sampling session would give an idea (on Oct. 1st with baloon launch?). SIB can only bring expertise in data analysis. The sequencing costs and handling would have to be done with another partner (UNIL, Keith Harshman / Fasteris).

Point 4: Finance

Point 5: Upcoming OpenHackuarium nights

It is important that we announce events and stick to the plan. We already discussed the issue at the last board meeting and little has been done.

Already planned

Very proud to say we have several events already planned this autumn:

Still need to plan the following events:

Molecular Biology day/evening

Luc (3 min)

Was moved to mid-october so we can advertise for it at the Openhackuarium vol. 116.

  • WHEN? 2016.10.19 Wednesday 19:30-22:00: Openhackuarium vol. 120
  • WHO? Luc + Gianpaolo + young researchers from neighbouring institutions. Let's make a list and contact them.
  • WHAT? Discussion around the state of the art as well as basic mol biol technologies.

Topics to be included in the discussion:

  • DNA (5 min introduction)
  • Genes (5 min introduction)
  • GM (how it is applied in bacteria, years, cells, animal, plants)
  • CRISPR (5 min introduction to the technique, and why it's hype)
  • Biotech (5 min on why all this is relevant)

Machine learning for image recognition

  • WHEN?
  • WHO? Yann P. + young researchers from neighbouring institutions. Let's make a list and contact them.
  • WHAT? A friend of Yann P. wants to present and bring a concrete case where we can show how with a RasPi we can differentiate things. A useful tech if for ex we want to look at wastes sorting.

Point 5bis: Other Events

Point 6: Infrastructure & IT

(Sam, 5 min)

presence tracker

Are we happy with that?


Are we happy with that?

Point 7: Hacktion

Point 8: Replication

(Luc, 5 min) 3 projects in 2017

How far did we go?

Open Nanodrop:

  • Octanis hacked the Ocean Optics Spectrometer (200-1100nm) already
  • UV light source (Yann?) and SMA905 UV fibre optic cables (50usd ebay) missing
  • Yann: We can use the leds for sure. I still got several of them! I don't think we need optical fibers because we can use UV detectors.
  • Good for DNA QC in future P1 (-> 230nm, 260nm, 280nm)
  • Yep of course it is necessary for quantification! We could have gone low-cost and rely on the gel intensity.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 15.55.26.png

Point 9: Future Actionables