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Agenda of the Board Meeting

Date: Thursday, August 18th, 19.30-20.30pm
Place: UniverCité



  • Luc as president


  • ..
  • ..


  • ..


Welcome address

(Luc, 2 min)

Point 0: public minutes

(Luc, 1 min)

Get ok from all board members to upload minutes on wiki (or else discuss alternative below)


Point 1: Projects updates

It is important that every board member stays up to date with all main projects. Add link when relevant.

UniverCité Community meeting

A UCC meeting took place on Tuesday August 16th at UniverCité. Minutes will be linked here when accessible. At last board meeting, issues with UC communication and security were being raised. Etc.

P1 implementation

Update from Yann P. (5min)


Update from Gianpaolo (5min)

Living Instruments

Update from Luc (5min)

  • Living Instruments was in Darmstadt on August 14th with We Spoke.


Update from Sam (5min)

Other projects

Update from ? (5min)

Point 2: Funding Applications

Loterie Romande

The application to the Loterie Romande for 20'000 CHF was rejected. More details orally.


Luc has a list here, and will keep writing emails as soon as he has time.

Point 3: Future partnerships

Mike Horn pole2pole

Joint Outreach with SIB

Waiting for Marie-Claude Blatter to come back to us. Maybe reminder email in September?

Point 4: Finance

Open budget

ADD results here

Point 5: Upcoming OpenHackuarium nights

It is important that we announce events and stick to the plan. We already discussed the issue at the last board meeting and little has been done.

Already planned

Very proud to say we have several events already planned this autumn:

  • 2016.11.02 Wednesday 19:30-22:00: Openhackuarium vol. 122 Epidemium and Echopen: when Open Source meets Pharma and Medtech
  • 2016.10.01 Saturday 11:30-18:30: Balloon Launch and BBQ Octanis will launch their second stratospheric balloon, so why not celebrate?
  • 2016.09.21 Wednesday 19:30-22:00: Openhackuarium vol. 116 Hackuarium for dummies (and life science students)
  • 2016.09.10 Saturday 9:30-18:30: LoRa Workshop LoRa: come test and build with the latest open source wireless technology
  • 2016.09.07 Wednesday 19:30-22:00: Openhackuarium vol. 114 Thymio: an open source educational robot
  • Still need to plan the following events:

    Molecular Biology day/evening

    Luc (3 min)

    Should be moved to mid-october so we can advertise for it at the Openhackuarium vol. 116.

    • WHEN? 2016.10.12 Wednesday 19:30-22:00: Openhackuarium vol. 119
    • WHO? Luc + Gianpaolo + young researchers from neighbouring institutions. Let's make a list and contact them.
    • WHAT? Discussion around the state of the art as well as basic mol biol technologies.

    Topics to be included in the discussion:

    • DNA (5 min introduction)
    • Genes (5 min introduction)
    • GM (how it is applied in bacteria, years, cells, animal, plants)
    • CRISPR (5 min introduction to the technique, and why it's hype)
    • Biotech (5 min on why all this is relevant)

    Machine learning for image recognition

    • WHEN?
    • WHO? Yann P. + young researchers from neighbouring institutions. Let's make a list and contact them.
    • WHAT? A friend of Yann P. wants to present and bring a concrete case where we can show how with a RasPi we can differentiate things. A useful tech if for ex we want to look at wastes sorting.

    Point 4bis: Other Events

    Design Days

    • WHEN? 29th September - 2nd October.
    We decided not to participate to the DesignDays as the fee was too high for the fun.