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::<li> [http://lapaillasse.org/wiki/index.php?title=Accueil la paillasse]
::<li> [http://lapaillasse.org/wiki/index.php?title=Accueil la paillasse]
::<li> [https://waag.org/en/project waag project page]
::<li> [https://waag.org/en/project waag project page]
::<li> why not even [http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Name_Tag minecraft wiki]?

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Welcome to the 1st Ever Hackuarium Wiki Sprint.

Learn how to write a wiki, bring your documentation to share, or just join the atmosphere!


Sunday 7 December 2014
The hosts will be present from 14H00 til 21H00. You are welcome to come with your friends, family, any time during these hours!


Yours faithfully, the Hackuarium at 5 Ch. du Closel, 1020 Renens
For the map with the entry-way marked, go here.


Because we have done so many things, we want to share!
Because our hackpad is private, and on a cloud and can be slow.
Because it is easier to explain what we do when we can point to an active website.

What to Bring?

  • your laptop and whatever you need to work comfortably
  • your notes, your photographs (make it <300Kb)
  • something to drink and some snacks
  • some music to get you in the groove
  • your friends and family who are curious about Hackuarium

  • Links

    Here are some links you may want to take a look before you come (though not necessary - we will go over the main points:
    HOW TOs

  • How to wiki in our protocols
  • Document or Die ! in our protocols
  • MediaWiki.org is the place for all - there is a good wiki editing reference page

  • Some Inspirations of Hackerspace / Community wikis
    It's all about finding the information, or is it?

  • Publiclab
  • London Hackspace
  • hackteria wiki
  • biocurious
  • noisebridge
  • la paillasse
  • waag project page
  • why not even minecraft wiki?