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The basic purpose of a centrifuge if to use rotational force to precipitate solids in the bottom of a vial. It can be use to separate solids from a liquid or to do analytic tests on some material weights. More on centrifuges:

At hackuarium we have two centrifuge: A table one used to centrifuge solutions in 1.5ml aliquots and a large one to centrifuge 50ml Falcon Tubes.

Table centrifuges


A) Centrifuge lid (just have to pull to open)
B) Time Setup [minutes]
C) Speed Setup (Rpm = revolutions Per Minute)
D) Power Button
E) Rotor lid (Just plug or pull to screwing)
F) Rotor

RTFM = Read The F*cking Manual


Attention: unfortunately this centrifuge does not fit 2 mL tubes normally used for spin column purifications.

Standing Centrifuges

Thermo Sorvall RC32B+ : Presentation

This large centrifuge allows users to centrifuge large quantities of medium. Our model is fitted with a swing rotor which is able to accomodate plates, 15ml tubes, 50ml tubes and bottles.


  • Do not go faster than 5000 RCF
  • Be careful with to equilibrate everything you put inside! No more than 0.2 g inbalance.
  • If something leaked make sure to clean it. The instrument sometimes heats up, biological leaks stink if not cleaned.
  • Known issues

  • The "MAIN CAPACITOR FAILURE" can be solved by 1) Unplugging the centrifuge 2) Opening the front panel 3) Switching on the fuse again. Be extra careful to unplug it! 400V 16A does not forgive...