Genomic Integrity 2018

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Summer 2018 Genomic Integrity Project.


Assessing genomic integrity (showing the amount of damage one's genome has endured) would be of a great help for public health. Unfortunately, the tests allowing to check the genomic integrity can be complex or expensive.


Therefore, the objectives of this internship would be:

Asides Objectives


Precisely, we will use two methods Micronuclei Assay 2018 and Comet Cell Assay 2018, find a way to make the procedures as simple as possible using a chip and make an algorithm to handle the results. For the detailed protocol, see Step by step protocol for comet assay

For both, we tried to replace all the toxic or hard to find components by "kitchen-sink-ingredients", in order to make this technique widely usable by anyone, even without the appropriate equipment.


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