Assemblée 2020

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The Google Drive was used for the General Assembly Agenda in 2020, as this wiki was still 'broken' at that time.
The meeting was held just before the 'crise sanitaire de Corona' - the 19th of February 2020...


  • David Lenoir
  • Guillaume Geoffroy
  • Maurice Cosandey
  • Masoud Alipour
  • Luc Henry
  • Esther Calderon
  • Joël Christin
  • Tatiana Eliseeva
  • Vanessa Lorenzo
  • Raphaël Casimir
  • Luc Patiny
  • Rachel Aronoff

...procurations de: Gustavo, Michel H, et Victor

  • See the google doc for Luc Henry's notes of the discussion, and more.
  • The newly elected members of the comité were:

Joël, Tatiana, Vanessa, Raphaël, Esther, Rachel (and Olivier? who couldn't come)
all elected unanimously.
Roles determined at the next board meeting - 11 March 2020...