20180725 Board Meeting

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Agenda of the Board Meeting

Date: Wednesday, Juli 25th, 18.30-19.30pm
Place: UniverCité, 3rd floor meeting room (MC)

Everyone is again invited to this Board Meeting, as these are such exciting times!


  • Rachel



Hello Board

(Rachel, 1 min)

Public minutes

(Rachel, 1 min)

Get ok from all board members to upload minutes on wiki (or else discuss alternative below)
Objections? none

Who can keep the time?

  • NAME


Point Leman Make 2018:

(Luc, 5min)

According to an email from Rachel, there will be three tables:

  • Hackuarium
  • Spectro (LucP)
  • BeeMoS (Olivier)

There will be a Hackuarium workshop every day (20 participants x2) to make Foldscopes

We need to prepare promotional material.

  • flyers
  • stickers
  • other goodies?
  • computer on the table to sign up to the newsletter

Should we allocate a budget?

Point 2:

(XX, 10min)

Point N:

(XX, 10min)