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Taking Hackuarium to the next level after 3rd anni!

Joël, Oliver, Anne-Laure, Luc, Vanessa and RA met in the library...

The biggest news is that, all taken into account, we will aim for a different launch day - 18 October - with a great big party to follow - 28 October - for all, with activities!!

Current Facebook event for 30août deleted.
(Have 4th crowdfunding planning meeting that day, already...)

P1 needs:
ice machine
-80 freezer for strains

All info has not yet gotten to Luc
However, 10-12 rewards are already described and text is being worked on - the practical details of wemakeit campaign, too. A new idea, for people to sponsor another person for a workshop, esp if they are not able to participate in a workshop personally, was brought up. With the new dates, we think we are in a better position to do everything well.

Video scenario(s) were discussed, for 'teaser' 'launch' and later videos... Everyone with good clips or images of Hackuarium since its inception are invited to pass them on to Vanessa! Each project will probably have about 5s to present content for the main video, most likely, so start putting things together - images and text!

To discuss everything, there is another crowdfunding meeting next Weds, and more board meetings are being scheduled - with doodle for next one, to be held during the week in September when Vanessa is here.

By coincidence, Benoit D. and Juliette passed by and joined in for a minute - also saying they are behind us all the way (flexible about space for the party etc.)

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