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Victor Steininger (graduate from EPFL and intern at Swissnex India, Entrepreneurship and Innovation section) in charge of the programme for the development and networks between Makerspaces in India and Switzerland. He contacted Hackuarium for a possible collaboration. Meeting at Hackuarium on the 15th June at 11:30 - 12:30h.

In order to know how to connect makerspaces, his research starts at knowing what a makerspace and maker community is, hackers, makers, doers, artisans.. Philosophical approaches are different but he sees a strong connection.

Also, strong cultural differences between "true" makers (or the necessity of becoming one). Strong needs and skills on both sides, the connection would be very satisfying and change making.

Grassroots and natural "maker culture" in India in comparison with new "Maker movement" establishing.

Differences rural and Urban.


(Who was present in the meeting)
Victor Steininger
Vanessa Lorenzo




Connect and create community synergies, education, social impact, etc... with low cost, open source, upcycling, sustainable, long term collaborations.


Early 2018.


No budget but we can make a solid draft, mid-long term projects and get the name of Swissnex India supporting us. They will couch us for the grant proposal. We should also somehow connect this to our possible connection to Kardana School (Nepal) that was discussed during the Biofabbing Convergenge: Fabulations and Fabrications, Geneva - Lausanne May 2017.