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Hi, I work at the crossroads of Art & Science, I am trained as a media designer and product designer engineer. I include biology and biotechnology in the design process, and speculate on its critical influences on our society through interactive interfaces and workshops. Currently, I am an independent designer and researcher at Hybridoa and co-president of the Hackuarium bio-hackerspace (Renens, Switzerland).


I can help you introducing to DIY Bio and guiding you art, design project within the biohackerspace.
Design/research/hack/biohack myVimeoChannel myWorkInProgressWebsite
Got involved / developed projects about Bioprinting (hacking the 3D printer), Biopigments, Living instruments, Beerdecoded (data visualization and design part), XGBML project .


  • Try&error, curiosity and openness.
  • Accompaign designers/artist/new member to get into DIY Bio: first protocols, cultures, etc.
  • Prototyping:3D modelling, 3Dprinting, Laser Cutting, Assembling, etc.
  • Coding: Arduino, Processing, (basic) Raspberry Pi, sound. DIY approach. "Bricodeusse"
  • Documenting: writing protocols, taking photos.
  • Having Fun!