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I'm Yann aka shalf.
I co-founded Hackuarium with Luc Henry.
yann DOT heurtaux AT hackuarium DOT ch
(There is another Yann, Yann P., our Lab Manager)

Statement for our January 20th, 2016 General Assembly

Dear Hackuarium members,

I am taking great pride in the following: what was first a vague, frowned-upon by some, yet cool idea when we met with Luc early February 2014 became a vibrant group of people doing cool stuff, and even a real lab in an intriguing place.

It has been an honor, a great pleasure and an insanely crazy way for me to satisfy my passion and to use my skills and experience regarding third-spaces, driving vans on the snow, and bootstrapping communities to help this association getting off the ground. I did my best, fell I did my part, hope I did enough.

As some of you might know, 2015 has been a tough, exhausting ride for me, particularly the end of it. The most coherent conclusion of all of its endeavors, for me, and I hope the best for this community, is my resignation today from my Vice-President and Board Member position.
I still need some time to figure out how to become a better Hackuarium member, so bear with me, you are not done with the bearded, loud, chaotic-good, loving-stickers dwarf yet I guess.

See you all pretty soon, at the lab or at the bar,
With love,