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Who I am

I'm Yann aka shalf.
I co-founded Hackuarium with Luc Henry in February 2014. We met Carmelo and his boss, and made UniverCité the home for this project in May 2014, being the first pioneers to become residents. The association itself was created in Aug. 2014. Which means we still are a really young community doing mistakes (young) communities do. Luc is since the beginning of the association the President of Hackuarium, and I serve as Vice-President. Our other Board members and their current responsibilities should be listed here at some point.
The other Yann you might be looking for is probably moving crates in the lab and solving your problems.

Why I love Hackuarium

Hackuarium is part of the environment I always wanted to work and learn new stuff in.
UniverCité is the kind of community I dreamed for years to co-found, and did my homework to be ready for an opportunity.
Then I met Luc, then Carmelo. Now you are all here with us, and I am so glad.

How to contact me

1. Use Slack more ;) It is by far the easiest and most effective way to contact me for everything Hackuarium related, ensuring yourself a quick, happy, brilliant and witty answer.
2. You can also email me using yann point heurtaux chez hackuarium point ch if need be:

  • If you are a journalist (but please read our Press kit before doing so.
  • If Slack is down
  • If you are also reaching out to someone else cc'ed in that email who doesn't belong to Hackuarium yet (e.g. a journalist, a friend of yours who needs to meet us)

3. Tweet me @shalf

Silly co-founders

What I am currently working on

My main project is to make sure that everybody in and around Hackuarium and UniverCité knows we are doing such great stuff they should have been part of it yesterday.
I'm working on our editorial coherence for special Open Hackuarium nights, try to publish more than once a year our newsletter, and will harass you to death to fill in this wiki.

Main projects I check to help get shit done daily/weekly as of Aug. 11, 2015: Media:Shalf_current_active_110815.png

Other things I do as a volunteer

More or less relevant facts about me (i.e. you can skip it)

  • Only paid job at UniverCité so far (July 2015) is to develop the community of our coworkers. Because they are the ones paying me to do so. It is not a full-time job (yet) at all.
  • Born in Brittany, France; grew up in Toulouse; lived in Paris and Rodez.
  • Have a quarter of Belgian blood, used to live in Brussels for 3 years and a half, and missing it a LOT.
  • Met and married an awesome Swiss woman, moved in Lausanne in April 2012 to join her.
  • I talk, eat, drink too much.
  • French & English spoken, slow Spanish understood.