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I'm Yann aka shalf.
I co-founded Hackuarium with Luc Henry in 2014.

Currently doing

Hiatus. The non-Hackuarium stuff is here. Just a member and a curious mind. Usually involved in any conversation including connecting someone with someone somewhere and making sure everyone is happy.

Past and potential future Hackuarium-related interests

  • Co-design of our workspaces and online tools
  • Craft Beer, spent-grain (aka "drêches" in French), and related circular economy efforts applied to urban micro-breweries. See ZéBU CH.
  • Bees
  • (Online) conversations and (social) media.
  • Human brain
  • Local and international friends and networks outside our walls
  • Books and libraries
  • Belgium, more specifically Brussels
  • Public speaking

Talk to me


Main contact

Direct message or mention me on our Slack (@shalf also).


There is another Yann, Yann P., also a founding member and former Board member, our first awesome Lab Manager, and pretty decent human.
Generally speaking, there are way too many Yanns around. Call me shalf.