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Octanis is working on the following projects within Hackuarium:


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More information on Octanis wiki

Owl Scanner

- The concept:

Bird conservation scientists use nesting boxes to follow populations. In particular, researchers working with Great Tit, Barn Owl, Tawny Owl, Hoopoe and Wryneck are commonly counting the breeding population by regularly inspecting boxes disseminated across the Swiss territory (and beyond).

By using LoRa technology in combination with relevent set of sensors, the process could be simplified and a lot of time (and fuel) saved by remote sensing the activity of birds inside the nests.

Minimum sensor system? IR, temperature, humidity, accelerometer?

This project should be in collaboartion with Isabelle Henry for the proof of concept, but the initial data should be presented to the Swiss Ornithological Institute in Sempach, Switzerland and Prof Alexandre Roulin at UNIL to obtain further validation and support. The MAVA foundation (Gland, Switzerland) could be a source of funding.

- 2016.07.14 To do list:

- For more information:

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