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Is there a way to get packages delivered at Hackuarium?

Yes @fakufaku: I already received beers w/o problems.

Great, what’s the address ?

Attn: FakuFaku/FakuFaku's project
Ch. du Closel 5
CH-1020 Renens

Do they bring it to Hackuarium or shall I get it some other place (main desk etc) ?

It will end up in our mailbox in front of the building in beat case scenario, and nowhere beyond. ANYTHING BIGGER THAN OUR "BOÎTE A LAIT" IS THUS A VERY BAD IDEA.

Why should I avoid it if I can?

Please avoid sending directly to Hackuarium as much as you can, because:

  • there is no such thing as "a reception" (because IRL is closing, mainly)
  • in the end, it's me (Shalf) who will have to manage it, and I don't have the bandwidth nor the time to be at the space 5 days a week 9-17, so probability for your delivery to be fucked up and send back by a lazy postman is HIGH. There is a plan for UniverCité to have more permanency time in the very near future.

Anytime you make such an order if it makes sense though (e.g. So big/heavy it's the reasonable thing to do rather than to bring it by bus or bike), give my phone number to them.