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Project Overview


Our goals

  • Understand the brewing process better.
  • Produce an open access knowledge database.
  • Democratise DNA analyses.
  • Demystify and explain genetic data. Food does not involve privacy issues.

Why beer?

We choose food because it allows to avoid the many pitfalls related to health data, such as privacy and regulatory issues. In addition, food concerns everybody. People are curious about what they eat. Some have health, religious or ethical reasons for avoiding certain types of food. But we have limited knowledge about what exactly composes our diet. Today's information comes from the suppliers who themselves rely on their suppliers. Is a dish really containing what is written on the label? Where do the ingredients really come from? Does my food contain allergens, GM crops, etc... How much more complex is it than what the label says?


Gianpaolo Rando leads the Open Food DNA project. He holds a Ph.D in biotechnology and has 10 years of experience at the interface between genomics and nutrition. He is a proud member of Hackurium, has a passion for food and drinks and wants to expand the project to beer and other beverages (

Jonathan Sobel


Luc Henry holds a DPhil in chemical biology and has a genuine interest in the impact of new technologies on society, in particular in the fields of biotechnology and health. He is the co-founder of Hackuarium and wants to promote an open approach to science and innovation.

BeerDeCoded step by step

Any question?

Contact us via [ Gianpaolo Rando], [ Jonathan Sobel] or [ Luc Henry].