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Genomic integrity is a new 'big picture' concept to aid public health efforts and basically includes all the molecular genetic details of cells! So many things we commonly choose to do can impact genomic integrity, also potentially affecting future generations!

At the Hackuarium, AGiR! hopes to really get some citizen science action going - developing DIYbio methods to readily assay *your very own* cells for DNA damage, using classic (circa 1980s) techniques. If these can still be sold in 'kits,' maybe it will also be simple to make them available to all for open source efforts?
Here is the basic plan: using inner cheek cells for micronuclei and comet assays!
Watch this space for more info and visit
the AGiR! site



This is a part of a new Hackuarium project on genomic integrity It is about experiments related to simple quantitation of DNA damage in human cells.


Contact and lead: Rachel Aronoff

Participants: maybe you?!


Setup in short

Background & Inspiration

Here is the link to the Prezi Rachel presented (13apr16) at an Open hackuarium night!

Some theory needed ?

Inspiration / References / Similar projects

Inspiration: good pages

  • [http://]
  • [Link 2]

Run / prototype #1

Setup description

General principle:

Materials & budget

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(If it’s a) Construction

Step 1 in pictures:

(If it’s an experiment) Parameters

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Constants (Key elements of set-up)
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To measure/ observe

Protocol (Plan)


Phase 1

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Lab Notebook & News (Real)

We put our measures here: [link to other doc?]

Run / prototype #2

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Results / Feedback from use

Recommendation + next steps