20191113 Board Meeting

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Board Meeting Agenda
Weds. November 13, 2019, 18h30-20h30
Place: Hackuarium, Route de Crochy 20, CH-1024 Écublens, VD



  • Rachel

Present Masoud Esther + Gustavo and Tatiana

Excused Yann H

Welcome (Rachel, 1 min)

  • Public minutes

Get ok from all board members to upload minutes on wiki (or else discuss alternatives). ok and RA taking notes.

Point 1: Finance


  • Factures to members by Masoud? - to all former crowdfunding full year supporters? others? -- Do you need some help, Masoud?
  • tax free status? -- progrès?? (Esther & Masoud)
  • Participative Research grant submitted.

Budget proposed for ACTION for Clean Beaches:
20k total for 6 month project (open call from [ https://actionproject.eu/apply-2019/ Action, EU project]).

ACTION for Clean Beaches budget

Includes 3k each for Esther and Shannon, 1k for Roger and even a little something for RA (and Masoud?), but especially overhead (for AVS and rent and maybe even an accountant!) and some recompense for participants (probably to accrue hourly, for beach 'shoreline litter surveys' and 'microbial water quality' work, on Lac Leman and Lac de Bienne to start)!
Esther and Shannon would be main 'travellers' for accelerator activities of ACTION team. (to Berlin, is first planned trip)
Who else would like to be involved? if things work out, details also can be adjusted...

Point 2: Stagiaires

We have the ALL insurance from Bâloise.
Which projects want to advertise for stagiaires?
(interested UNIL students from 1nov event could be approached, EPFL portail can be used)

Point 3: OpenInsulin

(Rachel 5min)
11Nov meeting with Alex Kelly at Diabetes Experts meeting in Geneva,,,
Discussing multi-center trial of best constructs: potentially here, in Australia at BioFoundry, at BioCurious in Santa Clara, CA, and at Counter Culture Labs in Berkeley, CA (contact Ramy Kim).
Anyone interested in joining in for some bench work? Once constructs are distributed. (maybe not via Aussie, however)

Point 4: LinkedIn profile for Hackuarium

(Luc Patiny 5min)
Should we have a profile for our association on LinkedIn?
To vote...

Point 5: Events

who else can organise some #OHs??
RA will be away for at least two upcoming Wednesday eves - in Bern 20Nov and in Geneva 11Dec
metastatic lung cancer discussion - Esther/Olivier to add details (svp)- Imre/Rachel current idea to get contact with CHUV (RA already talked to Solange Peters at the WIS luncheon, and has started email contact process - why not a UNIL prof?). For the moment, the plan for Monday 25nov with Imre...
Dinesh and RA have talked about an event about eczema, which could be very interesting. One review publication is of special note. Anyone else interested in this?
What about in other topics??

Point 6: Newsletter

To aim for December distribution.. deadline? (will Manon still take lead?)
Which other projects have news (epifluor with OpenFlexure will be included)?

Point 7: Info for Sam's entry screen

Please give videos and images to Sam, so we are also represented!

Point N: