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<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <allimages gaicontinue="140319_AL_ANAERO_1.jpg" />
      <page pageid="2191" ns="6" title="File:07 phytoplancton camp.2014.pdf" />
      <page pageid="2655" ns="6" title="File:10-12-46.jpg" />
      <page pageid="2654" ns="6" title="File:10-14-05.jpg" />
      <page pageid="2138" ns="6" title="File:10255604 506507922854294 4593501144637270721 n.jpg">
          <df name="MossHunting1.jpg" user="Vlorenzo" timestamp="2016-01-28T12:01:45Z" />
      <page pageid="2139" ns="6" title="File:11214077 506507942854292 4171224521951999299 n.jpg" />
      <page pageid="2140" ns="6" title="File:12418083 506507846187635 8168903662076309295 n.jpg" />
      <page pageid="2141" ns="6" title="File:12540771 506525886185831 4224237149878779758 n.jpg">
          <df name="MossPhone.jpg" user="Vlorenzo" timestamp="2016-01-28T12:05:44Z" />
      <page pageid="2713" ns="6" title="File:140319 AL AERO 1.jpg" />
      <page pageid="2714" ns="6" title="File:140319 AL AERO 2.jpg" />
      <page pageid="2715" ns="6" title="File:140319 AL AERO 3.jpg" />