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    <allfileusages gafcontinue="Biogold_miner.JPG" />
      <page ns="6" title="File:Beaker.png" missing="" />
      <page pageid="2190" ns="6" title="File:Bacterial counts.pdf" />
      <page pageid="2341" ns="6" title="File:Bdelloid rotifersmaller.png" />
      <page pageid="2241" ns="6" title="File:Beach.jpg" />
      <page pageid="2683" ns="6" title="File:Bear.png" />
      <page pageid="2594" ns="6" title="File:Bernard flyer copy.jpg" />
      <page pageid="1965" ns="6" title="File:Bience Kouros Nebuleuse OpenHackuarium57 050815.pdf" />
      <page pageid="2009" ns="6" title="File:Bience at work WEsessions.jpg" />
      <page pageid="2132" ns="6" title="File:BioInk4Colors.JPG" />
      <page pageid="2180" ns="6" title="File:Biofilia1 xs.png" />